Rebirth is a process of learning to think of church in a new way. It means we begin to see the church as a community of believers in Christ sent out into the community to share the love of Christ with the people around us. Rebirthing is a process that includes pray for God's lead and a passion to make God's grace visible in words and actions. It is a serious commitment to live out the Christian life in the places we live, work and play.

If you want to know the foundation for our rebirth, look at the studies, Life with God, Life in Family, and Life for Others, found on the icons on this page. Another part of our preparation is the congregational assignment of reading the book by Greg Finke, Joining Jesus in His Mission. You may get the book from church or for those with e-readers, it can be found on Amazon. Click on the book cover to learn more about the book.

Study One "Life with God"

Study Two "Life in Family"

Study Three "Life for Others"

Read this book

The Five Questions for the Rebirth

1. Where is God working around you?

2. What is God saying to you in His Word?

3. What conversations are you having with pre-churched people?

4. What good can you do where you are?

5. How can you minister to this person in prayer?